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Your Adventurous Life Awaits by Maryann Remsburg

Do you hear the call to live a more adventurous life? Learn how to chart a course for a meaningful and joy-filled journey.Have you been struggling to feel fulfilled in your everyday life? Have you made all the right choices but still feel like something is missing? Do you crave the energy and excitement that comes from living a purposeful life of adventure? With over 20 years of experience living adventurously while traveling to over 40 countries, founders of Adventurous Life and certified coaches Brian and Maryann Remsburg are specialists in developing extraordinary lives. Now, they’re here to share their secrets for pursuing your true passions and leaving a lasting, beneficial legacy. Your Adventurous Life Awaits: 7 Coordinates for Living a Purposeful Life of Adventure is an eye-opening guide for getting the most out of the time you have on this amazing planet. Drawing on the examples from their own lives and those of their clients, the Remsburgs take you step-by-step from your typical routine to thriving in a stimulating, intentional journey. By navigating through the exercises in each chapter, you’ll map out your own plan to leave an impact on the world that you can be proud of. In Your Adventurous Life Awaits, you’ll discover: The process of the 7 Coordinates to guide your steps on the path towards filling your days with purpose The impact your mindset has on your perception, so you can reorient your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes Strategies for breaking even the most complex goals down into small, achievable steps to get more done The keys to successful self-reflection for stronger results down the road Tips for creating enthusiasm and joy, a new way to view challenges, and much more! Your Adventurous Life Awaits is the essential manual for charting the course from mundane to impactful living. If you like growing through adversity, receiving optimistic encouragement, and shaping your future, then you’ll love Brian and Maryann Remsburg’s transformative guidebook. Buy Your Adventurous Life Awaits to ignite your passion today!
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