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Winter Storms by Rachel Stoltzfus

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A GREAT AMISH BOOK THIS WINTER, THIS IS A MUST READ!When a difficult winter leads to tragedy, will the faith of this Ephrata Amish community survive a series of storms that threaten their resolve to the core? Winter is sweeping across the Amish community of Ephrata. The winds are already strong, sharp and biting, and far off cloud banks hang ominously in the distance. When Amish community members gather for church, young Hannah Miller comes with the flu and a snowstorm blows in suddenly, causing whiteouts, winds and blinding weather while stranding church members at the Beiler home. This is but the first of a series of difficult times which threaten life, limb and happiness of these Ephrata residents. Will this community's faith survive a series of storms and a tragic, shocking loss? Find out in Winter Storms, Book 1 of the Winter of Faith series. This book was previously published as Winter of Faith. It has been revised and edited with some new content added. If you want a GREAT AMISH BOOK to keep your heart WARM all year long, grab your copy today!
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