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WILD RIDE by Emily Swan

On The Colorado River, Forbidden Love Finds A Wild RideOwner of an international real estate company, Dax Sinclair, discovers his company is embroiled in some shady dealings. Doing what he does best, Dax hits the road for a new adventure. Rafting in Colorado with his former step-sister is the perfect distraction for the wild child. Dax: “It’s weird, you know, seeing you here.” Dax finally breaks the silence, stepping toward the fire. “Do you think everything happens for a reason?” Refusing to end up like her gold-digging mother, Phoebe Martin works as a guide in a rafting company, absorbing the lessons of the river. When her former step-brother, Dax, shows up, he's as egotistical and cocky as ever. But when Phoebe catches glimpses of his real vulnerabilities and starts falling for him, she knows she's in for a wild ride. Phoebe: “Wait...what are you doing here? Where’s Dax?” I get a sick feeling in my stomach. ** WILD RIDE is a scorching romantic novella with no cheating, no cliffhangers, steamy sex scenes and a happy ever after ending. 18+ for mature content and intense steamy sex scenes.**
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