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Unsolved Murders by Victoria Mason

A Stunning Look At The Worlds Most Famous Unsolved Murder Cases, Unsolved Mysteries, Unsolved Crimes And What Really Happened?Have you ever watched those unsolved murder shows on tv and wondered, what really happened? Who did it? Why would someone do that? Unsolved murders are one of the most intriguing things that stir our minds. The habit of analyzing things and arriving at a conclusion was inculcated in us first when we were young through these shows and movies. Man is inquisitive by nature and this instinct has only grown stronger over the years by these external influences. In “Unsolved Murders” we cover 16 different unsolved murder cases in our history. Cases that have gone unsolved over time, cases that, at times have chilled the population to the bone. Famous cases and some cases that you probably would never have heard of. They are all scary, spine tingling and gruesome. If you are a murder mystery buff then you will love “Unsolved Murders”, a book describing some of the worlds most notorious unsolved murders and murder cases. If you love thrilling, true stories of unsolved murders then grab this book now! * Scroll Up and Get Now! *