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Trafficked by Taylor Ann Stone

All I Wanted Was Dmitri.And What I Got Instead Was Terror. My name is Marlene Smith. I spent most days with friends, shopping, and doing my homework- everything a typical seventeen year old high school senior would be expected to do. There is nothing particularly special about me except that maybe I am reasonably popular and more concerned with standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves than being an example of the modern-day mean girl. Life was splendidly normal. That is until the elusive Dmitri Holin moved into town. He was as handsome as he was mysterious. Brazen as he was bold. Completely and hopelessly charming. And every single girl in school wanted to be the one he called “babe.” I wanted him, too. I wanted him so badly. So when he asked me to come over to his house and hang out, I lost it. This guy was THE epitome of all things cool and reckless and he wanted to hang out with ME. What teen girl wouldn’t want an adventurous snack like him? How was I supposed to know that one afternoon would lead me down a black hole with no bottom in sight? How was I supposed to know that just on the other side of lust and desire was a dark, dark underworld of evil? And who would save me from it? I’m the girl next door. I’m you. I NEVER thought it would happen to me. But it did. And I will never be the same.
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