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To Ride with the Knight by Emma V Leech

Girls who dare - Inside every wallflower is the beating heart of a lioness, a passionate individual willing to risk all for their dream, if only they can find the courage to begin. When these overlooked girls make a pact to change their lives, anything can happen. Eleven girls - Eleven dares in a hat. Twelve passionate stories. Who will dare to risk it all? To Ride with the Knight A reckless beauty… Lady Helena Adolphus is no stranger to scandal. Her brother may be a duke, but his black reputation once threatened her own chances of making a good match. Now returned to the bosom of the ton, Helena is feted and courted as much for her loveliness and wild green eyes as for her hefty dowry. Yet the eligible bachelors leave her cold and respectability is deadly dull. There is only one man who makes her pulse leap, and she knows she’d be a fool to pursue him. A ruthless man… Gabriel Knight understands desperation. Born into poverty and raised in a foundling home, Gabriel used every opportunity to claw his way out of the gutter. Now one of the wealthiest men in England, wicked Knight is dismayed to discover his success has not bought him happiness. Restless and bored, he blames his ennui on the pompous aristocrats he despises, those who still close doors in his face. An imprudent affair … Though Helena is aware of Gabriel’s animosity for the ton that shuns him, the sinful man tempts her beyond all reason. He is likely out to ruin her, and she knows it, but her stupid pride won’t let her back down from each confrontation. Before she knows what she’s doing, Helena has opened her mouth and dared him to do something scandalous. As the heat of attraction flares hotter between them, the risk of getting burned only makes riding with the Knight ever more enticing. Warning: This book has a stubborn, wilful and feisty heroine and a drool worthy gentleman. There WILL be some cursing and graphically descriptive sex scenes no way even bordering on erotica!
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