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This Steadfast Heart by Kristen M. Fraser

A tainted past was not on his list of qualities for a Godly woman. Unhealthy relationships failed to give Nicola Dunbar anything, except her beautiful daughter and a lifetime of hurt. Fearful for her well-being, she arrives in Willoughby Beach with only the clothes on her back, some cash in her purse and the determination to make a new start for her daughter’s sake. Isaac Bains' dream of building houses in third world countries fell apart when he was injured in a motorcycle accident. He now spends his days managing a construction company, and taking the good-natured teasing about his bachelor status in his stride. When a young woman arrives in town, fearful for her life, he fobs her off to the pastoral care team at church and wants nothing to do with her. He knew God had someone special in store for him, but surely He didn’t mean the young woman whose history read like a worn-out newspaper, all tattered, dirty and well-used.
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