The Woman in the Middle is the story of one man's journey searching for the "perfect" woman and all the experiences and lessons learned from different female encounters along the way. He discovers revelations of "the Why" that women choose the men that they want and ultimately end up with. Also revealed is an understanding of a woman's mentality towards men and how that helps or hinders the success of her relationship endgame. The Woman in the Middle presents honesty and truth directly from real observations and dialogue from conversations with actual women. Declarations shared that men before could only receive in separate private discussions can now be presented and applied to their own thoughts and reasoning. This is the book that can either confirm a man's assumptions concerning why women think the way they do or can simply reconstruct the idea of what a woman's thoughts are entirely. Full of first hand stories and circumstances that show women in a new and insightful light, The Woman in the Middle seeks to question the notion that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Instead, we may all be a little closer than we appear to be.
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