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The Study Group by Cassie Cole

Shared by my professor, the star football player, and a fellow student? I never thought grad school would be so much fun. I have the biggest crush on my engineering professor. Yeah, yeah. I know. But you should see this guy. He is fine. Adam Nielson is tall, dark, and handsome. Like something out of a cologne commercial. He's every girl’s fantasy. And I’m pretty sure I’m his fantasy too. But Adam isn’t the only boy on my mind. I’m tutoring Joey Trevino, the star football player. A blond-haired, blue-eyed athlete with a ravishing smile. His goofy personality and boyish good looks would be hard enough to resist. Throw in his persistent flirting? Soon our study group is the last thing on my mind. Then there’s Paul Bradley, the fellow grad student I met in the lab. A boy with the quiet intelligence of a nerd wrapped in the sexy body of a supermodel. He shows up to my apartment one night to help fix my laptop. And something tells me he’s not just here to touch my hardware. Can I graduate on time while being shared by these three amazing men? Or will these sexy study sessions ruin my academic career? THE STUDY GROUP is a scorching college reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and excitement. HEA guaranteed!
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