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The Socialist Trap by Aadi Golchha

Democracy. It’s amazing isn’t it. The idea that we all get a say in the way our country is governed. “Government, by the people, for the people.’ For centuries, Americans have prided themselves in their inalienable right to vote and to pick a leader they deem fit. But it’s far from glorious. As the founders of democracy in ancient Athens knew too well, a democracy can quickly descend into a demagoguery. Politicians seeking to exploit the emotions of their constituents by promising trillions of dollars in new government programs has become all too common. Not only are these solutions useless, but they stand to be disastrous to our nation and its economy. However, there exists a plethora of free-market limited-government solutions for every social and economic problem facing America. Join me, and together let us beat the socialist trap.
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