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The Season Bright by K.D. Elizabeth

I haven’t taken a vacation in five years.Not. One. Day. So my tyrant of a boss kicked me out of the office. Great. Bermuda for me. I’ll just sneak out of the country for two weeks and relax. Get my head on straight. Except my mom finds out about my vacation. And in her opinion? I should spend those two weeks at home. Running my injured sister’s Christmas booth at a holiday market, specifically. Now, I have no desire to go home. Seriously. I haven’t been there in eleven years. But who denies her family, right? I can’t leave them hanging. Except. I think my sister might have exaggerated her injury. And my mother lied about why she wants me home. Because when I arrive, it’s not just my family who greets me. Oh, no. There’s a gorgeous stranger standing in my living room. Make that a gorgeous asshole, actually. And I’m not sure I can resist his stunning silver eyes. Or that I want to. The Season Bright is a steamy, standalone enemies-to-lovers holiday romance! It has NO cheating and a happily ever after!
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