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The Scale by Mika Jolie

Minka Greene is trying to get her life together. She’s struggling with her weight, her nonexistent love life, and a million other imperfections. Worse, her twin sister is marrying the man she’s been secretly pining over. And she’s the maid of honor. What else could life possibly throw her way? Enter Jason Montgomery, the best man. Mesmerizing blue eyes. Sculpted, ink-covered body. And absolutely dangerous. He has the power to strip her bare and leave all her insecurities exposed. But he’s making her feel things she’s never felt before. And she could use a distraction. Jason wants Minka Greene. Her sweet sensuous curves, not her heart. Life is complicated enough without the stress of relationships. It was only supposed to be a tryst. How did feelings get involved? And, why is it so difficult to let go?
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