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The Rose Contract by Scottie Kaye

LOVE IS FREE. INNOCENCE HAS A PRICE. Raena Barren was born with a secret: of all the magic users in the kingdom of Soma, she is the only one who can hide her power. As a child, she used this magic to help her survive on the streets--until she saved the life of a strange boy called Jorr Portent. He rewarded her with a job in the castle of Soma--and Raena spent the next ten years falling in love with him. But while Raena’s life as a servant is sheltered, Jorr’s world is one of spies and assassins. When Raena comes of age, their paths will diverge forever… unless Raena can earn a place by his side. To become one of Jorr’s operatives, however, Raena must get to know her own body, and outsmart the deadly people around her. She must also sell her innocence to whatever man pays the most… even if that man can’t be Jorr. Warning: This book contains mature content, including brief instances of non-romanticized violence. The need for consent is emphasized. A Fast-Paced Light Fantasy with Strong Female Characters As the first fantasy spy erotica in the Sleeping Lotus series, The Rose Contract covers Raena Barren’s grand entrance into a polyamorous world of castle spies. It is a story of losing virginity, chasing first love, coming of age, and all the dangers between. An Erotic Spy Fantasy (With Reverse Harem Elements) Falling under an interesting genre heading, The Rose Contract is a story that includes magic, castle espionage, and sexual awakening for a woman with a pool of men to choose from. It is an accessible light fantasy erotica novel for all levels of fantasy reader, but it’s especially perfect for lovers of sword and sorcery romance novels, erotic spy fantasy, and medieval magic. It’s a diverse erotica that portrays many skin tones and LGBT orientations, with strong female characters that freely explore their sexualities and defy the “prostitute fantasy” of the spy harem they live in. It’s like no fantasy erotica that you’ve ever seen before... and the series only gets hotter from here! “I’ve only read a few other erotic books and the writing of this one blows those away.” -Amazon Reviewer “[I’m] new-ish to erotica and to fantasy… [and] I felt every emotion and was enthralled by each choice the characters made.” -Amazon Reviewer ” I’m not sure I’ve ever finished any erotic novel except the classics, but this short fantasy is a gem. It’s well written, intriguing, sexy, and dripping with atmosphere. I highly recommend it…” -Amazon Reviewer “This book broke the mould with its masterful writing and unparalleled combination of fantasy, mystery, and erotica… The world building, character development, and writing style pulled me into the book and immersed me in a unique storyline that was unlike anything I’ve read before.” -Amazon Reviewer “I read the whole book in one day… The writing is smooth and the characters are rich… I didn’t see any of the twists and turns coming.” -Amazon Reviewer “I had no idea what to expect from this one,
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