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The Nocere by Heather Carson

A dystopian future. An abandoned world. A twisted eternal paradise... Fawn hates traveling to the afterlife. Born an orphan and forced into years of indentured service in the spirit realm, she's had enough of paradise. The minute her contract expires she is leaving the portals behind and moving into the wildlands of the abandoned world. But she might not get the chance... When she's assigned a job at The Nocere, the new nightclub in between the realms, Fawn comes face to face with the darkest side of humanity. The customers are evil. Her friends are in danger. Can she overcome her fears and defeat the monsters to save the ones she loves? The Nocere, book one of A Haunting Dystopian Tale, takes readers on a harrowing journey through a post-apocalyptic world. Dark Fantasy meets Dystopian Fiction in this action packed, character driven series for Upper YA/NA readers.
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