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Kevin working at his wealthy IT business, traps himself in a lie when he falls in love with a waitress and tries to convince her that he is an upcoming artist. Kelvin is a young multi-millionaire who has made it in the tech industry. He needs adventure and simplicity in life. Kevin meets a waitress, Lillian, at the restaurant, and they are attracted to each other. They make a “heat of the moment” decision to go on a fourteen-day cruise. Kevin finds the cruise might be the break he needed and an opportunity to go out with a genuine girl who is not attracted to what he has but to who he is. Kevin introduced himself as an upcoming artist. He tells Lillian he has to speak to his manager to fund the cruise. What is more challenging, Kevin can’t even rap but decided he will practice Hip-Pop for the sake of concealing his fake identity. Kevin asks his people to book him in the ordinary passenger cabin since he must keep up the lie. Kevin and Lillian enjoy the cruise until bandits hijack the boat. To their surprise, they are rescued to an exclusive island, and this rescue forces Kevin to lie even further. Lillian can’t comprehend what is happening to her; the wealthy’s life is too much for her. Kevin missed the simple things in life since becoming successful; everything around him seemed so over the top. He just wanted a taste of the simple life he feels he has been missing out on. What Kevin feels for Lillian is genuine but will Lillian stay with him if she found the truth? Will Kevin tell Lillian the truth? Lillian and Kevin engage in sexual adventures that make them even closer. They realize their connection is too deep. How will Lillian deal with the true identity of Kevin? Don’t miss this Romantic Suspense with a touch of steamy romantic scenes. Get your copy and Enjoy
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