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The Memory by Barbara Kaylor

Where the Honey Creek Series begins.... “Nobody but God could make this happen.” Seven years ago, Elliot Starling fired Geneva Passion, a young sales rep in his company, accusing her of unethical conduct she vehemently denied. Now, due to a head injury from an auto accident, it is the only memory Elliot has of his life. Determined to find out why, he journeys to Geneva’s small hometown of Holly Park, Florida to confront her. Shocked by Elliot’s arrival, Geneva is forced to deal with emotions that have troubled her for seven years, including her secret crush on the man who fired her. Stepping out on faith, Geneva agrees to help Elliot regain all his memories, but is that what they really want? Confusion, uncertainty, and hidden desires challenge their efforts to do the right thing as they draw close to each other. Excerpt No!” Geneva replied too quickly. “We weren’t close. We didn’t socialize outside the office. You frowned on that kind of behavior. We didn’t secretly date or anything like that. We saw each other at company parties and picnics.” You would tell me if there had been something between us, wouldn’t you, Geneva?” “Of course.” Geneva blinked. “Why would I keep that from you?” Elliot shrugged. “Because it was a bad experience for you, and you wouldn’t want to relive any of it.” There was nothing between us, Elliot. Honestly.” “Then why do I feel such a strong connection to you? Why do I remember you and not my fiancée?” Geneva gasped. “Y—your what? Y—you’re engaged?” An imaginary time bomb exploded in the center of her chest. Elliot nodded. “Apparently so, but I have no recollection of her. I don’t feel anything when I’m around her except disdain and unease. She’s not a very likeable person, and she makes me feel very uncomfortable.” “Wh—who is she?” Geneva was afraid to ask. Within seconds, her whole world had flipped over. She’d assumed Elliot was a single man without anyone in his life. She’d been foolish not to have asked earlier. “Olivia Swanson.” The name hit Geneva like a rock to the forehead. Her flabbergasted expression wasn’t hard to read. “You don’t like her?” Elliot asked, intrigued by Geneva’s flustered state.
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