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In a bid for vengeance, Thomas Schmidt abandoned the dream of a peaceful existence and assumed a double life. By day, he was the respected and trusted royal bookkeeper. In his free time, he was the infamous bandit, Rumpelstiltskin. But one more heist and his revenge on the king responsible for murdering his family would be complete. Everything was going according to plan and he had it all under control. That is until he met Greta Fischer. Greta longed for adventure, but being the daughter of a poor miller, she assumed her dreams were out of reach. After escaping a terrifying encounter with a dangerous criminal, her silence is purchased with a gold coin, and she decided adventure is overrated. Unfortunately, when her greedy father discovers her treasure, he jumps to the obvious conclusion: his daughter can spin gold. Greta soon finds herself locked up in a cell full of straw and Thomas is honor-bound to rescue a stranger from a situation he helped create. Both must risk their safety to deceive the king, but little do they know they are also risking their hearts. A wholesome romance full of humor.
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