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The MacLomain Series by Sky Purington

Four strong, independent modern day women face life-altering disabilities. Four fierce medieval Highlanders stand by their side. All will do anything to protect wee Robert the Bruce, future King of the Scots. Experience it all. Perseverance, courage, life, death, love and heartache. Join the Later Years of Clan MacLomain in a Highland Time Travel Romance saga unlike any other. Over a thousand pages of battle, adventure, magic, and sweeping romance. QUEST OF A SCOTTISH WARRIOR- Cassie first became interested in her long lost Broun clan when she realized life was about to change forever. Faced with possible blindness, she seeks out her Scottish bloodline only to discover there is so much more to it than she could have anticipated. Not only will she find answers to her questions but a doorway into the distant past via a Claddagh ring. Betrothed since birth to a lass he's never met, Chieftain Logan MacLomain thought the unending tie between his clan and the Brouns was long past. Never was he more wrong. When Cassie appears in a skirmish on the border of his clan's land, all his noble intentions are put to the test. HONOR OF A SCOTTISH WARRIOR- Nicole is tougher than most. Fearless some might say. Even in light of the fact she might be going deaf. Yet her courage is tested when the newfound Claddagh ring on her finger whisks her back in time to thirteenth century Scotland. Straight into the arms and under the protection of a man she would rather never see again. Cousin to the Laird, Niall MacLomain wants nothing more than to keep the future King of Scotland safe. Regrettably, that also means keeping safe a headstrong lass from the future. But his honor means everything. No matter how exasperated, he swore no harm would come to Nicole. However, protecting the feisty redhead ends up stirring his blood in more ways than one. OATH OF A SCOTTISH WARRIOR- Haunted by childhood memories and the fact she's likely going mute, Erin embraces a quiet life in Vermont. A life away from all the mistakes she has made and the people she's hurt. When a Claddagh ring crosses her path, she's compelled to steal it. A bad move because it's meant to find the last thing she's looking for...true love. Of dragon blood, Chieftain RĂ²nan MacLeod is by birth, half MacLomain. While raised to protect the future King of Scotland, he lives life with an open mind. The idea of a ring binding him to one lass seems far-fetched. However, when a woman named Jackie calls to him from the dark edges of the Celtic Otherworld, he swears an oath to save her. That means traveling to the future to protect her. The only problem? She's not there. Instead, he finds a defiant lass named Erin. Now he must make a choice. Continue seeking out Jackie or protect the one he's with. PASSION OF A SCOTTISH WARRIOR- Over a month has passed since Jackie traveled back in time to medieval Scotland. Since then, it's been a non-stop adventure. Now she's in ninth-century Scandinavia with Heidrek, a Viking set t
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