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What’s a young, orphaned woman to do when a man shows up at her door, claiming she is the long-lost heiress of a wealthy family? Slam the door in his face, of course. Joy has never known much happiness. Her husband, with whom she had thought to find marital felicity, has proven to be nothing more than a leech, forcing her to work all the while gambling away every penny she made. In fact, he has even managed to take her hard-earned money from beyond the grave, when his debtors come knocking, hoping that his grieving widow might pay what he still owes. Joy is making plans to go out west to join her sisters, content in the fact that she will never have to marry again. When Nate, a friend of the wealthy family, shows up and tells her that he believes she is the daughter of a rich businessman. Joy is amused and dismisses the idea as absurd. But when another far more sinister creditor threatens her very life, she knows she must take the protection that being the lost heiress would provide her — which, unfortunately, involves honoring a betrothal that was made before she was one year old. How was Joy to know that her fiancé’s brother, Nate, would be so kind, and charming, and utterly perfect? And what does that matter, anyway, when she has given her word that she will marry his brother? It will take all her courage to believe that she deserves happiness and to seize it, thinking only of her own well-being for the first time in her life. But what is she to do when darker forces threaten her newfound family? Joy and Nate must work together to protect the people they love from those who would harm them. For if they don’t, they may find that old grievances and long-held secrets will destroy both their families from within. If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this addictive Novel by Felicity Wells. "The Lost Heiress Of The Ruby Valley" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel of approximately 500 pages. Get this Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!