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The Little Self-Care Handbook by Gregg Michaelsen

After What We All Have Been Through, It's Time for a Little Self-CareOur current pandemic environment has many of us feeling as if our world has changed but we don’t quite know how to manage it any longer. Parents find themselves torn between working, home- schooling their children and managing the daily stress of more togetherness than most of us are accustomed to. Still others are battling a feeling of loneliness, as we’re encouraged, or sometimes forced by circumstances, to stay home and avoid contact with others who may or may not have the virus. The result for many of us is a feeling of overwhelm. The good news is that there’s a wonderful way to overcome this feeling. Overwhelm comes when we fail to remember to take care of the most important person in all of this - ourselves. Even without the pandemic, women are often so busy taking care of those other important people in their lives that they forget to take care of themselves. Control What You Can Control by Easing the Pain Today, you will begin to change that. You will begin to sense that the feeling of overwhelm is dissipating, slowly but surely. But how? Today you start taking care of you. If you don’t begin to take care of yourself, you won’t be 100% there to take care of those other important people in your life! Self-care isn’t the same as selfish. Self-care is essential for every single person, male or female, parent or not, laborer or white collar. None of that matters. This self-love kit for women takes you through six types of self-care, providing you with essential steps toward including each type of self-care into your life. You’ll learn about: Physical self-care (working out, eating right, and so on) Emotional self-care (taking care of your mind) Spiritual self-care (taking care of your soul) Intellectual self-care (taking care of your personal growth) Sensory self-care (including your senses in your self-care routine) Social self-care (taking care of your relationships with others) Each type of self-care has specific steps and benefits to your overall well-being. You’ll gradually ease in to including each type of self-care in your life. Inside the book is a link to download a free workbook and journal, featuring helpful worksheets to help you proceed through the self-care journey, as well as journal pages like yearly, monthly, weekly and daily calendars, trackers and other helpful pages. Your journey to feeling less overwhelm and more power in your life begins today! About the Author Gregg Michaelsen is a top dating and life coach who focuses on helping women find great men by building them toward relationship success. Having sold more than 250,000 books, he has helped thousands of women understand men and themselves so they can enjoy the relationship of their dreams. His main goal is helping women find a great guy and keep him around forever! The Little Self-Care Handbook is just one of more than two dozen best-selling books focused on relationship building for
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