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The Lancaster Estate by Dawn Day

Riches. Romance. And the quest to find them. Maggie Anderson is no stranger to loss. Having just gotten over the sudden death of her husband, she receives the phone call that everyone fears getting. Her estranged father has passed away, and as his only beneficiary, she is summoned to view his will. Not knowing much about her father or the estate he is leaving behind, Maggie is in for a series of surprises that will change the course of her life. Maggie is joined by her adult children, Tara, Caleb, and Marianne, who are also at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives. While on the adventure planned by their grandfather to uncover the secrets of their family history, they also discover their late grandfather had an even deeper gift planned for them. Join along as Maggie, Tara, Caleb, and Marianne find love, meaning, and the true value of the Lancaster Estate.
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