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The Hold Out by Mickey Miller

#1 Sports Romance. #2 New Adult Romance. Top 18 in the Amazon StoreImpatient. Demanding. Sexy. Bossy. I hate my new boss. He's Everett Brewer: Football's smoking hot, superstar running back. When I signed on to be the NFL superstar's in home personal assistant, I had no idea what I was in for. Every one of his previous personal assistants quit after one week, max. After meeting him just once, I see why. He's brooding. Impatient. Demanding. And add in a little too sexy for his own good. His standards are ridiculously high. But I really need this job. We're at odds, but he doesn't know I'm halfway to finding out his secret, thanks to a note he scribbled on a napkin that I found. Could the man who hits harder than anyone else actually have a soft spot? I thought he would never drop his icy exterior and reveal his hot interior. Even superstars have a girl they change for. Turns out I'm that girl. Only problem is, I'm hiding a secret, too. And it's one he might not forgive me for. But falling in love is never easy. Especially with a man as complex as Everett Brewer.
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