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The Gates of Beyul by J. C. Pater

Mummified remains were found where they did not belong - inside a cave on the third-highest mountain on Earth. Dr. Jenny Williams is asked to assist in solving this puzzle. What starts as a scientific project turns out to be an ancient mystery, which takes Jenny from dangerous altitudes in the Himalayas to medieval England, and inside the Maya ruins in Mexico and Belize. Along the way, she has to fight a powerful adversary who pursues the same mystery but with his own agenda. She also finds loyal friends - a mountaineer from New Zealand, and a Chicana physician from LA. There is another player closely watching their progress - a mysterious group of men and women headquartered in the heart of a Basque country in Spain. While slowly untangling the medieval riddle, Jenny realizes that she is more than just an outside observer, and her dangerous pursuit across three continents becomes a voyage of self-discovery.
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