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The F It List by Alexis Winter

It started when my hot-as-hell coworker offered to give me my first O. Let me back-up. It actually started when I got dumped at the altar. If I have to see one more sympathetic head tilt from someone asking me how I’m holding up…I might lose it. After some serious self-reflection (and momentarily swearing off men forever) I decided the only way to figure out what I want in life is to make a list. My F It List—A journey to self-discovery and kicking ass! But when Grayson AKA, temptation wrapped in a three-piece-suit, offers to help me cross a few items off the list my plan goes a little…off the rails. Teach me golf? Yes, please. Go camping? Sure! Kiss me in the rain? I would have said no but the moment his soft, full lips melted against mine the word ceased to exist. So here I am trying to keep myself in the friend zone, but with each new memory we make, I feel myself falling and I’m not sure I want to be caught. One thing that wasn’t on my list? Having Grayson’s baby. Knocking out the big O, Just turned in to getting knocked up.
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