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The Christmas Bargain by Shanna Hatfield

One Old West Cinderella discoversPrince Charming is a . . . Cowboy? The death of her mother left Philamena Booth grieving and at the mercy of her drunken father. After spending more than a decade held captive on their run-down farm, she’s left speechless and dazed when her father strikes a bargain to settle a long overdue debt. In lieu of payment, a handsome cowboy agrees to take her. Mortified yet relieved to leave the farm, Philamena unexpectedly finds herself married to a charismatic, caring man. Luke Granger might own Hardman’s bank and the fanciest house in this Eastern Oregon town, but he’d much rather be outside riding his horses or wrangling his herd of cattle than keeping his account books straight. In a strange, unsettling turn of events, he finds himself accepting a farmer’s daughter instead of money to cover a loan. If the man hadn’t threatened to sell her to the saloon owner, Luke might have refused. He has no idea what to do with beautiful Filly or their marriage of convenience, but he’s about to get far more than he bargained for. Full of western charm and holiday warmth, The Christmas Bargain is a sweet Christmas romance filled with the spirit of the season. Enjoy the Hardman Holidays series! ♥ The Christmas Bargain (Book 1) When Luke Granger calls in a long overdue loan, he reluctantly accepts a bargain in lieu of payment from the shiftless farmer who barters his daughter to settle his debt. ♥ The Christmas Token (Book 2) Determined to escape an unwelcome suitor, Ginny Granger flees to her brother’s home in Eastern Oregon for the holiday season. The last thing she expects is to encounter the boy she once loved, her exile proves to be anything but restful. ♥ The Christmas Calamity (Book 3) Arlan Guthry's uncluttered world tilts off kilter when the beautiful and enigmatic prestidigitator Alexandra Janowski arrives in town, spinning magic and trouble in her wake as the holiday season approaches. ♥ The Christmas Vow (Book 4) Sailor Adam Guthry returns home to bury his best friend and his past, only to fall once more for the girl who broke his heart. ♥ The Christmas Quandary (Book 5) In need of a place to recuperate from a work injury, Tom Grove heads home for the holidays. He didn’t plan on his parents acting like lovesick newlyweds, being asked to teach at the school, or falling in love. ♥ The Christmas Confection (Book 6) Fred Decker feels like the town outcast until Hardman's baker sets out to sweeten his life and melt his heart. ♥ The Christmas Melody (Book 7) Grayson Carter has one objective in life: keep his daughter safe. When a woman-child appears in the woods and entangles herself in their lives, Gray can't ignore the pull of attraction he feels for vibrant, enthusiastic Claire. ♥ The Christmas Ring (Book 8) In need of a place to flee the gossip that plagues her every step, Victoria Carter decides to visit her brother in Hardman. She doesn't even make it into own before she is robbed. Attracted to an outlaw and th
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