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The Bodyguard by Natalie Wrye

BISHOPI’m not the good guy in this story. Technically, I’m the bad one. Because men who kidnap their wives aren’t exactly ushered to the front gates of Heaven. And the fact that she doesn’t even remember me? Well, that just ensures my one-way ticket to Hell. My one saving grace: I’ll do anything to make sure my wife Dani is safe after the attack that left her without a memory. I’ll lie. I'll steal. I’ll kill. In fact, I’ll have to. Because bad guys aren’t supposed to get happy endings. And if I don’t save my precious Dani from this next attack, neither will she… AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Bodyguard is a steamy suspenseful romance and is part of a series of full-length novels in the Gafanelli Mob series. It contains foul-mouthed characters, lots of twists and plenty of heat. If any of these doesn’t sound like your type of story, please do not read.
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