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The Black Hornets MC Series by Savannah Rylan

Now you can get the ENTIRE Black Hornets MC series all in one box set! That is SIX steamy motorcycle romances that are hot enough to make your panties melt. Jace She doesn't belong here. Leti, with her perfect skin and dark hair. Those lips pulling me in. She's a member of the cartel. Our enemy. But she's standing in my club with a look of determination I can't pull myself away from. Leti wants me to save her brother. To save her. One look is all it takes. I'll end the cartel if it means one night with Leti. She's worth starting a war over. Maverick She'd do anything for her family. But I want her to do me. Gabby is on fire. I want to get close, but not burned. She thinks I'm just a joke, the lunatic of the club. But I'm crazy about her. I'll do anything to make her mine. Even defy her father, her family. And bring her into mine. Duke Her daughter is her world. When Eden and I split eleven years ago I never imagined being a father. Hell, I hardly knew what was happening next week, let alone a decade later. But everything changes with Sierra shows up on my doorstep. With Eden, not far behind. Sierra is mine, I can feel it in my bones. And I'll do anything to make my family whole. Colt She protects the innocent. But what if I'm guilty? Liv knows the life, hell her own father was a lifelong MC brother. She's in the DEA now, taking out the bad guys. We have something in common, though, we both want the cartel gone. I'll scratch her back and she'll scratch... mine. We'll take down those bastards together. And in the end, she'll be mine. Thor Willow is no joke. She's the only woman who can keep me on my toes. I'm supposed to protect her, but she hardly needs a savior. She may have other uses for me though... Until she's taken in the night. Now she'll see my true hatred for the cartel. Because no one touches my girl. Jagger Mari is fire. And I'm ice. She's nearly too hot to handle. We're nothing alike. Our upbringings, our lifestyle. We stand for different things. But opposites attract, don't they? Until she has to decide, between me, And her family. I won't let her burn us to the ground.
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