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A heart-warming story of a small tree with an overwhelming dreamTree, the little hazelnut tree down by the shore has all that he needs - a beautiful home and a loving family. Still, Tree yearns to wander - and to explore the world. One little tree and one big adventure No tree has ever tried before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! One idea changes everything - and with the help of his friends, Tree sets off and finds more than just an adventure beyond the paths close to home. One hidden tiny little friend When Tree leaves the shore, he’s not on his own - can your young reader locate Tree’s friend, the baby sea turtle on every page? The perfect picture book for every dreamer, believer and every keeper of imagination This little Tree will be loved by all children aged 4 - 8 - and most definitely beyond, because have YOU ever seen a walking tree? Learn about the power of friendship and love, the importance of inclusion and the unique chances and opportunities you’re presented with when you simply think “I can do this”. Changing your mindset can change your life. Curiosity, kindness and an open heart make all the difference.