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A temporary fling... sizzling summer nights... two hearts on the line... Former child star Sabrina Maguire is poised to make a major comeback, but an image destroying scandal while she's vacationing in Italy threatens the film's successful release. Her brother asks his best friend, Rafe Cavelli, to hide her for three weeks until a counter PR campaign reverses the damage and guarantees a box office winner. When Rafe promises to protect Sabrina from the media, he's positive that supervising her won't be a problem. He's wrong. Sparks fly between them. He's determined to fight their intense attraction, but there's nothing to stop them from indulging in their desires. Not when they're in his secluded Tuscan Villa where anything is possible for three sexy weeks... But indulging in their temptation leads to more than passion. Now their hearts are on the line... can they have it all, or will their differences tear them apart? CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAKERS Reforming the Heartbr
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