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Sunshine Cottage by Barbara Cool Lee

Teresa Soto is hiding from her fellow gang members in the perfect place: the tiny village of Pajaro Bay. But when she falls for the squeaky-clean director of the local youth center, things get complicated. She's one step ahead of the danger on her tail, and may be taking him along for the ride. Should she run, should she hide, or should she stay and fight for the new life she's building based on a big, fat lie? *** Welcome to Pajaro Bay, the little California beach town where the cottages are cute, the neighbors are nosy, and it's always possible to find your personal Happily Ever After. 1. Honeymoon Cottage 2. Boardwalk Cottage 3. Lighthouse Cottage 4. Little Fox Cottage 5. Rum Cake Cottage 6. Songbird Cottage 7. Sunshine Cottage 8. Riverstone Cottage
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