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Sophie’s Heart by Tanya Anne Crosby

Boston heiress Sophia Vanderwahl has come to realize her fiancé is a rotten philanderer. Seeking retribution, she sets out to find the wastrel to return his engagement ring, hiring an old rival of his to take her to the Yucatan. Suspicious of her motives, Jack MacCauley needs money to finance his expedition. In this light-hearted seafaring romance, Jack and Sophie learn to trust each other as sweethearts and friends. Sophie's Heart is the sweet edition of Happily Ever After, revised by a New York Times Bestselling Author and her daughter, for readers who prefer romance without strong language or sex. Not Quite a Scoundrel Series Book 1: Sophie's Heart Book 2: Sarah's Secret Book 3: Jessie's Rogue Book 4: The Duke's Christmas Wish
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