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Somerset Executions by A M Gould

'Had difficulty putting this book down. Great read, really interesting. Highly recommended.' - Julian Thompson 'absolutely fantastic writing and reading about the history of Somerset execution is mind-blowing. great reading' - Jeanette Wheaton This book offers the reader insight into capital punishment in Somerset from 1625 to 1944. The book explores the condemned, their circumstances and how society attributed their conviction and execution.this book hopes to provide the reader with accounts from across Somerset from the Beautiful city of Bath to the small picturesque town of Ilminster. There are over thirty true accounts of Somerset Executions, From Murderers to Highwaymen, Forgers to arsonists.Learn about the assize judges - the landed gentry and knights that sat in judgement. Explore the execution locations of Somerset- from Stonegallows, Ilchester and Shepton Mallet Read about brutal execution types ranging from the hanging from an old oak tree, burning on the stake to the US army firing squad Meet the professional executioners who crafted and improved the hanging process offering the condemned a dignified and those that weren't quite so good at their job.
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