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Sold! In the Show Me State by Jessie Gussman

The town outcast buys a date with Cowboy Crossing’s own A-List movie star. Ivory Haines is the daughter of the town’s resident retired prostitute and possibly the town drunk, although her mother wasn’t entirely certain. She resents her position in the town - and especially resents the teasing she’d been subjected to - and has vowed to show everyone that she is just as good as they are. She can hardly believe her luck when Chandler Hudson donates a month of his time to the highest bidder at the charity auction to benefit local victims of the recent tornado damage. Chandler wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting when he’d offered a month of his time to charity. Maybe for a young woman to buy him and make him her one-month temporary boyfriend. Possibly his brothers would buy him and work him to death for a month. Worst case would be some elderly lady purchasing him just to decorate her dinner table with his presence for a few weeks. It never occurred to him that Ivory Haines would buy him and drag him out to her run-down, ramshackle, snake-infested bunkhouse for a month of labor on her dirt-poor farm. But as he gets to know her and sees beyond the reputation the town has given her- undeserved - he changes his focus from one of enduring to one of ensnaring. Can they put the past behind them and step into a bright new future…together? Books in the Cowboy Crossing Series 1. Best Friends in the Show Me State 2. Sold! In the Show Me State 3. A Secret Baby in the Show Me State
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