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Sleepin’ Alone by Bernadette Jones

Ruby Leigh Dupree, running from a past she can’t remember, settles in Spencer, Colorado. Night terrors keep her awake. When a man claiming to be from her past walks in the door of the Wild Card Saloon, she’s forced to confront the demons from her nightmares. As difficult as it is to trust someone—especially a stranger—she has no options. Hunter Lawe claims to have the answers. Will they lead to her past or her death? Undercover cop, Hunter Lawe, is consumed with making up for his past failures. Now he’s riding the line between enforcing the law and breaking it. Past deceit and betrayal taught him to distrust—no woman will ever use him again. Bent on revenge and straddling the line between enforcing the law and breaking it, will his desperate need for vengeance allow him to use Ruby Leigh to get his enemy, regardless of the cost? This is a multi-author series set in a fictional tourist town with recurring and crossover characters. Each book is stand-alone.
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