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Seduced by the Saint by Cayt Lawson


She was easy to love, but hard to hold; a pricklier woman he had never met. And getting her to marry him was proving tougher than roping a wild mustang.

Just when a shootout leaves Kit Stone and her brothers running from the law, Kit’s world takes another unexpected turn. With her family torn apart and scattered to the wind, it appears she must resolve the mess on her own. That is until her brother’s best friend gets assigned to guard over her like a watchdog; a duty the man took entirely too seriously if one asked Kit…

Benjamin Price, an unwanted second son of an English Earl may have been born to a life of gentility and privilege, but he was no dandy—despite Kit Stone’s accusations. When tragedy strikes at Stone Ranch, Price is forced into the role of Kit’s protector regardless of her contrary opinion on the matter. He wasn’t about to let the woman he secretly loved to set off on her own. She needed him.

And it was time she knew it…

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