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Scarlet by Rochelle Summers

Scarlet Michelle Miller - VP of Legal for Aurora Management Services. That is her day job. The mask she wears to hide her after-hours identity. An escort for hire, at night she becomes Scarlet. She is exceptional in every way. Gifted in many areas. Recently hired to satisfy a beautiful woman’s curiosity and leave her with a night to remember. Her assignment, Holly, is currently sitting at the bar by herself, looking absolutely delicious in her short dress and waiting patiently for her new friend to arrive. It was time for Scarlet to go to work. Holly Holly Anderson is beautiful and successful in every way. Her day-to-day life as an architect is fulfilling and rewarding but she craves adventure and loves to push boundaries. Her college friend, Jessica, knows her better than anyone. Jessica knows exactly what her friend needs. She needs an appointment with Sierra Personal Services. They specialize in eliminating boundaries and pleasure of all kinds.
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