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Satan, Aliens, Go! by Antonis Tsagaris

Uh-oh. The aliens are here... ..and they won't leave until they've captured every single human on the planet. Meanwhile, in a dark room in LA, exiled from Hell for breaking the rules when he tried to save a boy's life, Satan is rewatching his favorite show when he hears someone banging on his door to bring him news of the invasion. Together, they set off on an epic journey that will take them through Hell and back. Literally. Will our heroes be able to stop the aliens from assimilating the human race? And what will they have to sacrifice if they hope to succeed? A hilarious, fast-paced romp through spacetime with a heart of gold! You'll fall in love with this funny, heartwarming story of invading aliens, lost love and newfound hope, because not every science fiction book has to be about huge, warring battleships and high-intensity mega-lasers. Get it now!
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