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Santa Maybe by Mazy Morris

There's more to this mall Santa than his snowy white beard and crushed velveteen suit. Madeleine Morgan is a successful divorce lawyer and devoted single mother to six-year-old Emily. But when Madeleine has an unexpected run-in with a Santa impersonator, her well-ordered existence suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Mark Jameson has every reason to be a Scrooge this Christmas. He's been fired from his job and there is a deranged woman stalking him. Just when it seems his life couldn't get any crazier, he unexpectedly reconnects with his high-school crush. The problem? She thinks he's somebody else. This sweet romantic comedy novella is suitable for those looking for a story free of strong language and explicit content. This is a revised and re-edited edition of a book that was published under the same title and pen name back in 2013. If you think you may have already read Santa Maybe by Mazy Morris please check the "look inside" feature, and see if it rings a bell before purchasing or borrowing this title. While changes have been made to the new edition, the story itself is substantially the same, and you needn't read it twice.
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