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SANITY by Jane Marion

Annie has been acquitted of killing her husband, but her past continues to haunt her.As she wades into the icy waters of Kent beach, she sees the body of a man floating in the water. After reviving him she takes him to her beach shack. However, the stranger has lost his memory and neither of them can understand why they panic when the local police sergeant comes searching for signs of a missing abalone diver. As Jake’s memory returns, he realises he has secrets he cannot divulge. Nevertheless, he discovers Annie has secrets of her own and as their love for each other develops, they create a tangled web of truths and lies. When the local sergeant sees the relationship between Annie and her visitor blossom, he finds information to discredit Jake, and the tensions in the love triangle deepen. Will Annie tell Jake about her past? More importantly, will Jake reveal his deceits? It is not until they are honest with each other, that they’ll be truly able to say, I love you.
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