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Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars: Fast paced and unputdownable - "I really enjoyed reading this book. I didn't stop reading till the end. I really liked the characters and it's an incredible story. It would make a great movie." Mount Shasta: Four campers experience the unimaginable... SETI Institute: A Signal From Deep Space is Detected... NASA: Scientists are baffled When M.I.T. graduate, Tom Bishop and his friends decide to take a short vacation in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest region by Mount Shasta, situated in the 1000-mile long Cascade Mountain Range of Northern California, it turns out they aren't alone... Four Campers experience the unimaginable... After a long drive through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Tom and his three friends set up camp in the closed-for-season, Pine Crags Wilderness Campsite, in the shadows of Mount Shasta. As they exchange legends about the mysterious mountain, something appears from the woods which defies all logic... SETI Institute: A signal from deep space is detected... Meanwhile SETI scientist and exo-solar planet hunter, Dr Lucy Davies, is monitoring the array of computer screens in front of her whilst carrying out a routine E.T signal sweep, when one of the screens starts flashing. A confirmed signal from space is detected. Upon closer analysis however, the signal is even more intriguing. Whilst it appears to emanate from space, it actually terminates at a remote location in the Cascade Mountain Range of the western USA - an area known as Cobalt Ridge. NASA and SETI scientists baffled… As NASA and SETI scientists scramble to determine if the signal is genuine, and what it might mean, Tom and his friends, along with a British T.V. film crew, set off on a mission to search for two members of their team, missing since the incident in the woods. Having to avoid the U.S. Military now closing down the area, they slowly but surely start making startling discoveries and uncover more clues as to what might be going on. Their search leads them down a remote series of old mining tunnels towards the base of Mount Shasta, but what they eventually discover there shocks them. The scientific community are not only stunned, but are as scared as hell... With literally hundreds of people mysteriously vanishing in US National Parks, Salient is a fast-paced, unputdownable science fiction action thriller which will keep you up late into the night...
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