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RUN by Allison LaFleur

Whisper Cove looks like any other place along Maine’s rocky coast. Long summer breezes. Brilliant autumn leaves. Silent blankets of winter snow. A remote town where every neighbor knows the other, it’s a perfectly peaceful place to start anew... whether you mean to or not. Beneath the postcard appearance of this deceptively dreamy town, hearts are ablaze. With promises to keep, honor to defend, lives to save, and secrets to keep, Whisper Cove is anything but asleep. Paige Carlisle is running for her life when she wakes up in a strange room with no idea who she is or where she’s from. She only knows that someone or something is after her. Suddenly dependent upon the kindness of a striking and intriguing stranger, she finds herself faced with a choice between fleeing in fear and following her heart. Dr. Josh Dalton, Whisper Cove’s lonely resident veterinarian, is returning from another late-night emergency when he stumbles upon an unconscious woman. Determined to help the beautiful stranger, Josh must first prove he can protect her from the menacing shadow that haunts her nightmares. But nothing stays hidden in a small town. As word of the mysterious woman spreads like fire, Paige is forced to leave the quiet safety of the Dalton farm and expose herself to the community. Between making new friends and finding love, she almost forgets her past. When evil comes to Whisper Cove, will their passion prove fatal? Whisper Cove is rich, compelling, and hot as hell! Allison LaFleur and Beneva Clark bring you explosive sex, small town intrigue, and romantic suspense in RUN, Whisper Cove Book 1. Check it out today!
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