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Rescue Matters by C.J. English

As soon as you purchase this book, you are saving a dogs life. A portion of the profits go directly back to Keith and his team at Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. The success of this incredible story reaching people like you who can make a difference, depends on people like you. Rescue Matters is an independently published book. Large retailers will not stock it in their brick and mortar stores and there is no big publishing house promoting it. After you read it, if you’re inspired to help, share it, pass it to friends or donate a copy to your library. We have rescued thousands of animals and together we can change the landscape of rescue forever. Share our story and join the rescue revolution.AMAZON BESTSELLER-ANIMAL RIGHTS "I HIGHLY recommend this book!."- Deb Parker, Best Friends Animal Society. Four Years. Four Thousand Dogs. An incredible true story of rescue and redemption. In a forgotten land where lives are lost, souls are sometimes found. When Keith Benning accepted the job as a deputy in a small North Dakota county, he had no idea he was about to face the biggest challenge of his life. Four years and four thousand dogs later, he lost his marriage, a fellow officer and nearly his own life. By rescuing seventy starving and unwanted animals out of his garage each month, Keith and a small team of volunteers have changed the world for thousands of dogs, and tens of thousands more to come. Woven with riveting and inspiring real-life rescue stories, Rescue Matters tells a larger tale of tragedy-meets-redemption. A gripping account of how a garage rescue grew into a mighty force that inspired a nation. C.J. English shares her personal experience inside the emotional and bittersweet world of dog rescue, delivering a heart-wrenching and deeply moving story that has much to teach us about responsibility and compassion. Rescue Matters is alive with meaning and purpose, proving that that it doesn't take a law or government to change the world, all it takes is a few people trying to make a difference to start a revolution. Not just for dog lovers, but for anyone inspired by the compassion of humans and the resilience of the animals who forgive them.
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