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Private Affairs of a Wicked Duke by Henrietta Harding

Abigail George resolved long ago to never marry, but at twenty-two, the stakes are high and her parents simmer for a marriage. As their hunt for an appropriate suitor begins, Abigail starts one of her own: to find a man of ill reputation in order to darken society’s opinion of her long enough to escape marital bliss. The dashing man she chooses couldn’t be worse in society’s eyes, but he has several secrets up his sleeves, ones Abigail cannot possibly prepare herself for. But as the two grow closer, and her father has found an otherwise delightful, intelligent suitor, time is of the essence. Will Abigail ruin her reputation and abandon the idea of marriage forever? Or will she find a way to unite with her true love, despite her volatility toward the entire sanctity of marriage and his terrible reputation? Even though Seth Nicholson is a Duke, society has long-since turned its back on him. Gossip, rumors and scandals swirl around his name, and his father has demanded he take a step back from his raucous party days in order to clean up his image. It is within this timeframe that he encounters the gorgeous, red-haired spitfire, Abigail George, whilst on a ride across the moors. Abigail is the most bull-headed, beautiful creature Seth has ever met, but it’s only when their conversation goes deeper that he recognizes she’s trying to set him up…When their arrangement becomes so deep and passionate that threatens to make him lose his mind, will he decide to dance on the wild side and let his fate in her hands? Slowly, over the span of sizzling summer weeks, they find common ground with one another and begin an impossible but yet so passionate affair within the empty walls of his estate. Will they lose their hearts in the most reckless caprice of their life, or will they discover the most scandalous pleasure they’ve ever known? "Private Affairs of a Wicked Duke" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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