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Pretty Broken Bastard by Jeana E. Mann

“A bad boy bail bondsman who is way more than he appears…Lots of twists in this one…Well worth a read.” —Goodreads reviewer A billionaire bounty hunter meets a sassy stalker and vows to capture her heart. Jo Hollander can’t stop obsessing about her ex-boyfriend. Now he’s filed a restraining order against her when she really didn’t do anything at all to deserve it. She’ll never forget the way he dumped her and broke her heart. Enter bounty hunter Carter Eckhouse. He’s hot, dangerous, and totally wrong for her. She can’t stand his alpha male attitude or the way he keeps showing up at her coffee shop, staring at her with liquid brown eyes, making her heart palpitate. Even though she hates him, it doesn’t keep her out of his bed because—well—the guy has mad skills in the sack. Carter knows he should stay away from Jo, but he loves her smart mouth and sassy attitude. So what if she’s a stalker? Everyone has their flaws, especially him. He’s the black sheep of his blue-blooded family. If he’s going to inherit the family fortune, he’s going to have to get his act together. Nothing would make his parents happier than seeing him with a nice, stable girlfriend. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know any. Jo will have to do, and he’s not above blackmailing her to help him. When Jo misses a court date, Carter is the guy charged with bringing her to the judge. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but she’s kind of growing on him. Things are about to get messy. If you like bad boys, billionaires, and steamy sex, you won't want to miss this standalone story by multiple award-winning author Jeana E. Mann. One-click now for this hot read.
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