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3 Full Novels of Sizzling Sports Romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen Playing for the Money: a Bad Boy Sports Romance Hunter Quintanna, the pariah of the NFL, has one more chance at a career and the money he needs. Is he really willing to blow it all on his irresistible craving for a hot young number--who happens to be the coach's daughter? Playing for Love: a Second Chance Sports Romance QB Gabriel Wyatt didn't need any more distractions from his first and only love, football. But when his only real crush from college came to town it was only the start of his trouble. He still had a girlfriend and he still had a super bowl to win. Playing for Keeps: an Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance Tate Fontanna was an easy going fun-loving guy. He only hated one thing: the media. With a passion. But what is it they say about love and hate and that thin line? When Chloe Smith arrived as the new sports broadcaster in town, Tate was going to learn a hard lesson about riding that line.. What Readers Are Saying About This Series: "amazing flirty banter "--Amazon Reviewer "Ms. Queen blew me away"--Amazon Reviewer " funny, heartwarming, tragic and well written"--Amazon Reviewer "sexy and heartwarming enemies to lovers sports romance with unforgettable characters and a well-crafted story that kept me totally involved"--Amazon Reviewer The Playing Series is a New Adult football romance series set in the world of the Boston Militia football team. If you love sizzling bad boys, second chance or enemies-to-lovers romance with all the feels and angst right up to the satisfying happy endings, you'll love this set of stories! (Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)
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