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Passions & Peonies by Kristina Beck

A sweet romance for every season! Is one week of breathtaking passion a reason to turn your life upside down? Winter is Lacey’s arch-enemy and it won’t let up even though it’s the middle of April. She can’t get out of New York City fast enough to kick off her spring vacation in the tropics. One travel glitch and a stumbled step finds Lacey on the lap of a handsome, mysterious stranger, connecting her heart to his in a way she can’t comprehend. Will gets a last-minute seat on a flight back home, sitting him next to a beautiful, quirky woman who blows into his life like a warm spring breeze. Her magnetism lights him up after weeks of darkness. He refuses to say goodbye until he steals one heated kiss from her. A surprise twist of fate drops them into deep water, but the fire between them never burns out. What they thought would be a week of carefree distractions blossoms into something their hearts didn’t bargain for. **This can be read as a standalone but it's strongly recommended to read the books in order to get to know the dynamic group of friends and family in each one. *mid-length 40,000+ word novel*
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