Ordinary People – Or Are They? by Joan B Pritchard

Between these covers, you'll meet the ladies of the Wednesday League, who may be frail and old, but they're also feisty, ready to tackle anyone, and not averse to committing the odd crime or two. You'll be charmed by their sweet characters, but aghast at what they're capable of. Then there's poor and illiterate Katie, who has achieved very little in her young life. Those around her can be quite mad, but that doesn't apply to our Katie. She makes friends easily, and that benefits her in the long run. Come meet her - you'll like her. Then, there's Jenny Allbrighb, the nurse. Do you happen to know any nurses? Well, you will soon! Allow me introduce you to Sister Allbright who goes through life with the companionship of her heroine, Florence Nightingale. Florence is always there to guide and advise, but Jenny sometimes, gets things wrong, and there are consequences. Meet her, and see how it all pans out. Lastly, there's April, and the best thing said about her, is she's not long for this world. Not that death removes her from this world - the opposite in fact, and she continues doing her best to annoy those around her. Ghosts, Fantasy, Greed, and plain evil are all inside this book - all for your enjoyment.
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