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O’Mara’s by Michelle Vernal

Book 1 in a humor filled women's fiction series about the Irish, O’Mara family and their Dublin, GuesthouseIf Aisling O’Mara hadn’t winged her way home to the Emerald Isle to take over the running of the family guesthouse she’d never have met Marcus, and her heart wouldn’t have been broken. She’s been trying to put her life back together since he left, but now he’s back and says he’s sorry. Can she trust him, again? Una Brennan’s booked into the guesthouse she used to walk past each morning when she was a girl, full of hopes and dreams. She left Dublin more than fifty years ago vowing she’d never set foot in the city again. Why did she leave and what’s brought her back? The guest, just like the customer, is always right but when Aisling is on the sharp end of the cantankerous Una’s tongue, it leads to her discovering things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes opening your heart to love can have unexpected outcomes. Witty, sad, and insightful with a touch of romance. Come and stay at O’Mara’s
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