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The others always hated Effie; all she can do is cast sparks.Born as a lesser fairy under the weakest star, her people wrote her off as spider food. After an attempt at her life, she could only run.On the day Mort was born, his parents were murdered, torn to pieces, and thrown to the gutter like all the other criminals. 25 years have passed. And Mort wants revenge. But all he knows is how to make crude bombs.Today, they formed an unlikely relationship... and tomorrow, this duo will show their hunters, the monsters, and even the Dark Gods themselves just how powerful a bomb without a fuse can be.This is the first book in Soot Knight, a dark fantasy following the exploits of a duo that has chemistry so good it's deadly.THE SOOT KNIGHT SERIES:Occult VengeanceMystic VengeanceCertain Vengeance: (July 2022)
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