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Not the Faintest Trace by Wendy M. Wilson

Do you love learning a little history while you read a ripping yarn? Start this ATMOSPHERIC AND ENGAGING historical mystery series now! Ex soldier Frank Hardy is bored with his life in a Scandinavian settlement in New Zealand where he supports himself driving a mail coach through the dangerous Manawatu Gorge. When he's asked to find two missing settlers, he resists. But his own horrific past compels him to take the job. When he saves the life of a young Scandinavian woman, he becomes a target of a vengeful killer. Are the missing settlers connected to the killer somehow, or does the killer want Frank's blood? Not the Faintest Trace is the first book in the "atmospheric and engaging" Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries. The books are best enjoyed in chronological order. Readers who enjoy well-researched historical fiction in unusual settings will enjoy these books. Note that there are a few profanities. WHAT READERS SAY "I read the whole thing in one sitting" "So impressed with this well-written, historical drama, crime thriller, with a wee love story to entice, that I'm buying the rest of the series - and I'm very critical in my reading choices, and limited in my finances, so it's great recommend from me." "The characters are strong, compelling and interesting. I loved it." "I really enjoyed this book though it deals with difficult themes. Well researched and very well written, it brings the life and times of the natives of New Zealand alive, the extreme difficulties that were imposed on them by the white man. The ways of the Maouri become clearer, the restrictions that each group of people exert on their own and other tribes. Captain Frank Hardy is my new hero." "My forebears lived in the wider area throughout the period covered in the book (and one was killed in the NZ Wars) - so I could have been a very hard-sell, but instead I loved the whole exciting story. I'm very happy to recommend this book and the second in the series, and roll on the publication of the next one." Val Burr, Local Historian, Palmerston North, New Zealand
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